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JonBenét Ramsey Autopsy Photos Shown Below:

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A 1996 Christmas Photo, less than 24 hours before she was brutally murdered!
No marks on her neck here...

A Few Hours Later...

Right Side Of Face and Neck
(Unusual marks? Perhaps made with the broken paintbrush handle?)

Are those scratches from JonBenét's fingernails, or petechial hemorrhages? From the autopsy report: "The skin just above the ligature furrow along the right side of the neck containspetechialhemororrhage composed of multiple confluent very small petechial hemorrhages as well as several larger petechial hemmorrages measuring up to one-sixteenth and one-eight of an inch in mximum dimension. Similar smaller petechial hamorrages are present on the skin below the ligature furrow on the left lateral aspect of the neck."?
What was the cause of all these bruises and abrasions? Could those deeper "abrasions" be fingerprints covered up by bruising?


Who drew the heart on JonBenét's hand, and why?

Why the loosely tied wrist knot?

A view of JonBenét's back; hair appears freshly (evenly) colored. In the Christmas morning photo it appears she needs a touch up. That of course, could also just be the lighting.

Her Shattered Skull; why the obvious overkill?

The Ramsey's state-of-the-art alarm system

Transcribed Autopsy Report
Actual Copy

Murder Victim Memorial Web Site

I am fairly certain that  these photos are copyrighted, however;  since they appear on several websites, and on many different forums,  I have included them here, but PLEASE email me if I have committed a cardinal crime in posting them:

JonBenét Ramsey Autopsy Photos
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